Team Knapp on the big stage

Four U of R graduates and one master's student represent Saskatchewan at the Tim Hortons Brier. Meet the guys in this video.

The growing legacy of the U of R herbarium

The George Ledingham Herbarium gets a renewal

Inside the George Ledingham Herbarium

Take a look at a few of the 70,000 samples housed in the George Ledingham Herbarium.

Cultivating tech in Saskatchewan

Growing tech in Saskatchewan

A road less travelled

Mr. Heese goes to Tsukuba

Mark McMorris

Spring 2023 Honorary Degree recipient

Gloria Mehlmann

Spring 2023 Honorary Degree recipient

Spot Light on John Hampton BFA’09

Hot off the press

Celebrating its tenth anniversary, UR Press is writing its own story of success

President’s message

By Dr. Keshen