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There is no Planet “B”

A November 2018 Angus Reid national survey found that almost 20 per cent of Saskatchewan residents (second only to Alberta) don’t subscribe to human-caused global warming. The same survey indicated that Canadians do, however, look to university scientists to provide accurate information on climate change. So, this past January, a group of University of Regina researchers embarked on a series of public lectures that looked at climate change from a variety of perspectives – providing Prairie detractors with a combination of science-based evidence and Indigenous

Focal Point

In Fall 2011, Arthur Ward BSc’17, CAdmin’17 was recruited by the University of Regina Cougars track and field team from the Caribbean island of Anguilla. To make some extra cash while studying, the triple jumper videotaped basketball and volleyball games for the Cougars’ coaches. He was also a freelance photographer for the University’s student paper, The Carillon, and worked part-time at a local camera shop. In the summer of 2015, he established Arthur Images, which remains the umbrella for all of his creative work. Following graduation, he secured a full-time job at the Regina-headquartered jewelry company Hillberg & Berk, but left to pursue his true calling – sports photography.