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Spot Light on John Hampton BFA’09

John Hampton BFA’09 is a curator, artist, and administrator. They serve as executive director and CEO at the MacKenzie Art Gallery in Regina. A member of the Chickasaw Nation, Hampton is the recipient of the 2017 The Hnatyshyn Foundation – TD Bank Group Award for Emerging Curator of Contemporary Canadian Art, winner of two “Best Exhibition” and one “Curatorial Writing” awards from the Ontario Association of Art Galleries (2014-2016), and was named to ARTINFOS Canada’s 30 under 30. They are the co-chair of the Aboriginal Curatorial Collective board of directors.

Kelsey (O’Byrne) Zipchen

Spot Light on Kelsey (O’Byrne) Zipchen BEd’10, BA’17

Kelsey (O’Byrne) Zipchen BEd’10, BA’17 has a unique job. She’s a teacher on film and television sets across Canada, tutoring young actors who are missing school. Zipchen taught in Regina and Saskatoon before her husband, actor and host Tanner Zipchen, found work in Toronto. While spending time with him on location, she learned about on-set teaching. She went on to earn a California Certified Studio Teacher designation in an intense four-year journey that included a course in child welfare and labour laws, more than a dozen state and subject exams, and additional university classes through UCLA.