Spot Light

William F. Ready QC, BA, JD, LLD (Honorary ’89) has most ably served as chancellor of the University of Regina since the fall of 2007. During that time, he has conferred more than 13,500 degrees, diplomas and certificates on U of R graduating students. Ready first distinguished himself during a nearly 50-year law career that saw him become a senior partner in McDougall Ready (now McDougall Gauley), one of the oldest law firms in Saskatchewan. He is also well known for his contributions to education. He served as a trustee for the Regina Board of Education for 11 years – two years as vice-chair and two years as chair. In recognition of his commitment to education in Regina, the W.F. Ready Elementary School opened its doors in 1984. This year’s spring convocation at the U of R is Ready’s last as chancellor.

What about your role as chancellor has brought you the most joy?
Serving in the governance of the University – particularly as chair of the Senate and as a member of many committees of Senate. I have also enjoyed conferring degrees and presiding at convocations, and serving as a member of the Board of Governors and many of its committees.
Who stands out as one of the more interesting people you have met in your role as chancellor?
Jack Boan, PhD (Professor Emeritus), a fine gentleman with a continuing interest in the affairs of the University.
Now that the role of chancellor won’t be taking up your time, what will you do to fill your time?
I will continue to follow the affairs of the University as reported, and stay abreast of both local and world news. I also have our home in Regina and the cottage at Kenosee Lake to care for. When all else fails, I will continue writing "The Story of My Life."
You and your wife Frances have been married for over 60 years. How much of your success do you owe to her?
A great deal. She has always been at my side with her encouragement and support.
For those of us who will never know, how does it feel to have a school named after you?
I will never forget the thrill I experienced when, for the first time, I saw my name on the school building, and to know that it would be from that building that many would get their start in life.
What important life lesson did you learn in Valparaiso, Sask. as a boy?
When opportunity knocks, open the door.
What is your favourite meal?
Christmas dinner surrounded by our entire family, now 27 in number.
Finish this sentence: The University of Regina is important to the community because…
The University of Regina is important to the community because it makes the possibility of post-secondary education a reality for many and is a source of pride for all.