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Vivek Jain tossing a football into the air

Spot Light on Vivek Jain BAdmin’99

Vivek Jain BAdmin’99 can be a hard guy to pin down. If he’s not in Regina looking after his young daughters, chances are he is in Los Angeles or New York promoting his new dating app. Or, you might find him in Toronto, appearing in a commercial or acting in an independent feature length film. Not long ago, the accounting graduate and his partners were on CBC’s Dragons’ Den pitching a unique football league. FANchise is a digital-age sports league where every decision, from the colour of the cheerleaders’ uniforms to on-field play calling, is decided by fans.

Spot Light on Jen Dubois BAdmim’16

Spotlight on Jennifer Dubois BAdmin’16

In 2012, Jennifer Dubois BAdmin’16 was one of the prize winners in CBC’s Boom Box Indigenous business competition. Her pitch to open an Indigenous hair salon and spa landed her second place, $1,500 and three months of business mentorship. Five years later, Dubois realized her dream when she opened Miyosiwin Salon Spa. Sadly, Dubois’ dream business was decimated by a fire that started at a neighbouring business. Dubois is determinedly working to rebuild the salon. She assures her clients that Miyosiwin will open again soon. If you want to reach out to Dubois, you can find her on Facebook at

The Wiebe family of 11 at breakfast in Chihuahua, Mexico.


Earlier this year, Robin Schlaht BFA’92 co-created the interactive documentary Convictions for Legacies150, a National Film Board series of photo-based digital projects exploring ideas of home and legacy. Convictions follows the Wiebes, a traditional Mennonite family, as they emigrate from their Old Colony community in Chihuahua, Mexico to an uncertain future in Canada, reversing the path that their forebears took almost 100 years earlier.