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Helping students in a time of need

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic are difficult enough on individuals who are fortunate to be able to work from home. Families that have endured job loss are finding it even more challenging. But post-secondary students in our communities are some of the hardest hit by the pandemic, often facing the stresses of financial hardship while trying to stay on top of daunting academic workloads. Now there is a way to help struggling students – the University’s Student Emergency Fund.

A dream comes true

Marah Mattison had a unique internship opportunity this past semester. Through a Faculty of Arts internship at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum she realized a dream – to curate a museum exhibition. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the exhibit has yet to be unveiled. By completing the curating project, Mattison became the first University of Regina history student to earn an honours degree by completing a hands-on project rather than writing a paper. No doubt that also helped her gain acceptance into the Heritage Studies and Public History program at the University of Minnesota – the first Canadian to do so.

Paige Klarer stands with one foot on a storage box

Spot Light on Paige Klarer

Canada is one of the world’s worst wasters of food. A recent study on food waste released by the Commission for Environmental Cooperation reported that the average Canadian wastes 170 kilograms of food each year. Working extensively in coffee houses, Paige Klarer saw first-hand the waste common in the industry. Klarer decided to do something about it. This summer she volunteered to run the food security program at All Nations Hope Network, a non-profit organization in Regina’s North Central neighbourhood that supports Indigenous people affected by HIV and hepatitis C. Three days a week, Klarer picked up day-old baked goods from cafes around Regina, packed them into large green containers and delivered them to the 25 to 50 people waiting in the All Nations Hope facility for food.